Projects and Activity

1989: CoZet Info Systems. 

1993: Green Peas. Importing grean beans from China.

1994: Delft Professional Imaging (DPI).  Sold to Eric, Hank and Sander in 2001

1996: Xpert Adressenbeer. Sold in 1999 to Ger Duifhuizen

1997: formation of ZEP Holding (Z / Eric Visser / Paul de Groot) (check out the bios of Eric and Paul)

1998: Faxtor Securities, sold to IMC in 2001

1997: V3 Redirect Services. Sold in 1999 to Fotunecity

1998: Dutch Development, evolved into OGH.

1998:  Innovative DNS software with Bert Hubert. Sold to Bert, who sold it on to OX

1999: Trilab Technology, merged with IEX Group NV

2000: Free Media Group (IEX, FHM,, Esquire), evolved into IEX  Group NV

2003:, fuerteventura villas with Eric Visser

2006: global biotechnology firm, 

2009: easyHotel Benelux, sold to eH in 2022

2009:, listed on NPEX in 2021

2011:, division of

2012: Sabon (ended badly, bankrupt as of 2017)

2014: De Pier in Scheveningen, together with Willem Gaymans of Kondor Wessels Vastgoed

2018: JupiThor Villas, villas on Fuerteventura

2020: Orion Global Hospitality Holding. New home for all hospitality activities of ZEP

2022: Zaffire Health Technology. Health startup with Maxim Spek and Remko Kuipers