Our activities as of Q4 2018:

IEX Group NV

Hollands largest Financial Portal, ZEP co-manages it and is shareholder. Partners are: Peter van Sommeren and Value8. We've turned IEX into an industry leader. Brands include: iex.nl, debeurs.nl, depers.nl and eurobench.com.
IEX is listed on Euronext Amsterdam
+ www.iexgroup.nl


easyHotel Benelux / DanZep Hotels

Between 1999 and 2007 we have been involved in real estate development with Dutch Development B.V. Out of that experience and our friendship with UK entrepreneur Dan Metcalfe came an opportunity (in 2007) to obtain the master franchise license for the easyHotel concept for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) area. DanZep Hotels was founded in 2010 has opened 8 easyHotels (Amsterdam 2, The Hague 2, Rotterdam, Brussel, Zaandam and Maastricht) to date.

At DanZep we have run into a serious conflict with our co-shareholders and mezzaninen financier and we are no longer active in the group on a day to day basis. DanZep / easyHotel Benelux has been re-named to Xcentric-Hotels. The group is hugely succesfull and hopefully our conflict will be settled in due time. 




Together with entrepreneur Mark Offerhaus we executed the buy out of this bio-technology startup. In 2006 we started the worlds first commerical Phage Production Center in Wageningen. In June 2007 EBI Food Safety B.V. received full FDA approval for its listex product. The name was changed to Micreos at the end of 2010 to underline our growing ambition in the emerging field of bacteriophage applications, including the market for  Human Health products. Micreos is now the global leader in this field. In oktober 2012 we launched gladskin.com, the worlds first endolysine based consumer product targetting Staph aureus.
+ www.micreos.com



Started as in idea on a Verbier chairlift in 2002; first proof-of-principle prototype in 2003 (check out this test footage); In 2008 Bart van der Aa stept in as CEO and co-shareholder to accelerate the project. We've developed a robust and best-of-class electronics product platform, targeting tactical markets like police, firemen and special forces. ZepCam launched its LTE live streaming version early 2012 and is now accelerating its global sales effort to capture this fast growing market.  
+ www.zepcam.com



Leading DNS software company. Together with Bert Hubert we've taken one step back from mainstream DNS implementations and started from scratch to build the perfect DNS platform. PowerDNS software is now responsible for an estimated 40% of world internet DNS request (notable users: Wikipedia, OpenSRS, Deutsche Telecom, Google...) Check out here
+ www.powerdns.com