We Build Companies..

ZEP Holding BV is a Dutch investment and advisory firm. We initiate, invest in and help grow companies.
Track record so far:

1989: CoZet Info Systems. (PC Business)
1994: Delft Professional Imaging (DPI). Sold in 2001
1996: Xpert Adressenbeer. Sold in 2000
1998: Faxtor Securities, sold 
1997: V3 Redirect Services. Sold in 1999
1998: Dutch Development. (stopped in 2007)
1999: Trilab Technology (solled to IEX Group in 2017)
2000: Free Media Group (IEX, FHM)
2003: CasaZep 
2006: Micreos 
2009: easyHotel.com Benelux
2009: ZepCam.com
2011: Gladskin
2012: Sabon (ended badly, bankrupt as of 2017)
2014: De Pier in Scheveningen
2017: JupiThor Villas


See Portfolio for more details on our current activities.

We are entrepreneurs: we invest and help business grow. We are allways looking for smart and out-of-the-box thinking people for our various projects.

If you want us to look at a proposal, please send a short outline.

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